the project WHERE “World HEritage monitoring by Remote Sensing” will develop and demonstrate an operational system and a cost-effective service aimed at monitoring World Heritage sites in urban areas by the analysis of satellite images. Specifically the project will address the following risk factors:

  • Urbanization and human activities
  • Small scale meteorological and climate change impact including pollution
  • Geotechnical and structural stability of the buildings and the surrounding land

The above elements will be addressed by implementing three separate data processing chains (change detection, microclimate and interferometry) that will be integrated into a GIS/WebGIS system where multi-temporal analysis is performed and final results displayed.

The project foresees an extended demonstration phase of 6 months on the following test sites in Italy:

  • Historical centre of Rome(UNESCO site since 1980);
  • The “Sassi e il Parco delle Chiese Rupestri di Matera” (UNESCO site since 1993);
  • The Ancient City and Harbor of Ostia.
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